Ensuring the quality of medical interventions poses a permanent and significant challenge to all actors participating in patient-centered care [within the health care system].

The focus of our activity as service provider for hospitals, industry, and sponsors is the provision of scientific and authoritative information. In addition to the current external evidence this entails the sound measurement of process- and result-quality. In doing so, our main aim is the accurate quantification of improvements, while also ensuring litigable quality standards.

Considering our long-standing international experience, significant methodological competence, and our highly experienced specialist staff you can expect new and lasting impulses for your quality- and cost-management, as well as the consideration of your customer-specific problem structures.

The quality of health care is not only a great challenge for patients and care providers, but also for the public in general. Especially in times of limited financial means, an increased input of resources does not necessarily result in better performance-quality of health care providers. Furthermore, compensation is only litigable if a valid assessment, in consideration of maximum risk-adjustment, allows for a comparison between alternative and historical stages of development.

Only if quality can be measured and scaled, it can also be improved.



In Luxembourg in 2011 MEDSTAT S.A. was founded as subsidiary of an international consultancy with roots in the United States, with the aim to provide even better presence for health care institutions and social insurers in terms of content and culture. Furthermore, this enables us to uphold the strict European data privacy laws, while not having to forego the methodological advancement with regard to selected instruments for risk-adjustment and in the area of evidence based medicine. Better information. Better results.

MEDSTAT S.A. employs experts from medicine, pharmacy and health economics, and is well connected with other enterprises and university institutions, which also focus on the subject of “quality of health care provision”.

Strategy Consultancy

The German health care system is in a state of constant change. The direction of demographic change, the increase in multimorbid patients, or the changing legal conditions are only a few challenges in the area of tension between economic profitability on the one side, and increasing requirements for quality and patient safety on the other. As such, the further development of a quality-oriented hospital -planning, -financing, and –compensation is advanced through the current introduction of the Krankenhausstrukturgesetzes (KHSG). This refers to the quality requirements for structure and processes, and increasingly also to the quantification of the quality of results. Thus, the question with regard to the degree of system-relevance of a given clinic is implied.

With our risk-adjusted assessment of the customer-specific performance (health care) spectrum, and the identification of system-relevant patient groups, we are able to accompany you on your path into the future.

Additional elements of our strategy consultancy

  • Concept development for a short-, medium-, and long-term orientation of your enterprise in a competitive regional market
  • Expert-support for the establishment of new health care services (specialist department, central emergency ward, etc.)
  • Growth strategies for medical core competencies in relation to system-relevant patient groups
  • Support for hospital marketing (Einweiser, patient, sponsor, public)
  • Support in budget negotiations with sponsors
  • And others