Cost of medical material

Our risk-adjusted management of material costs and risk-adjusted performance monitoring (incl. analysis of variance) enables us to optimize the input of physical resources in due consideration of the internal and external evidence, and to accompany change management, respectively. 

Experience has shown that savings equal to 15-20% in the area of pharmaceutical products are feasible (in selected hospitals saving rates of even up to 25% have been achieved). In addition to these savings, we were able to increase the volume in the area medical devices by 10-15% in the past. Together, this enables our management of material costs to produce yearly savings in the range of € 150.000,-  up to € 1.200.000,- (depending on the size of the hospital and the scope of the project).

Additional elements of our risk-adjusted management of material costs

  • Evaluation of scientific findings for selected product groups in line with award procedures with the aim to ensure hospital internal quality standards
  • Supervision of tender offers (amongst others the preparation of service and contract specifications, etc.)
  • Improvement and assessment of health care services with regard to quality and economic criteria
  • And other