In coming years hospitals will face significant new challenges. With the introduction of the Krankenhausstrukturgesetz (KHSG) the continued development of quality based hospital planning, financing and compensation is being promoted. This refers to the requirements with regard to process- and structure-quality (amongst others guaranteeing adequate accommodation, while taking into account accessibility and minimum quantity requirements), but also increasingly to the quantification of result-quality. Accordingly, with the commencement of the KHSG on 01.01.2016, individual health care services with a high level of quality will be rewarded with premiums while below average quality services will be marked down.

With our EU quality-benchmark we can provide significant assistance in addressing these challenges.


  • The EU quality-benchmark encompasses approx. 500 hospitals within Europe, with focus on Germany, Austria, Benelux and France (Status 01/2016)
  • Mapping of all levels of care and the whole spectrum of operating departments
  • Risk-adjusted comparison of performance across all carrier groups
  • Highly improved detection of potential efficiency enhancements
  • Analysis of benchmarks in due consideration of recent developments in health care policy and the resulting changing market conditions, and customer-specific problem structures.
  • Analysis of individual hospital data for the overall benchmark as well as the regional/national “best in class” hospital
  • And others

The participation in our EU quality-benchmark will provide you with clear and practically relevant advice for a multitude of questions with regard to treatment- and process quality, as well as cost-effective utilization of resources in your hospital.