Medial due diligence

The great challenge for sponsors and insurers in the medical market becomes evident in the controversy between result-quality on the one side and the potential to finance the provision of health care on the other. The intended structural changes (linking the provision of health care across sectors, demographic change, utility- and quality-assessment of the health care services) will contribute to the intensity of the debate. With our analysis and assessment of the strength of medical care and the process performance of stationary facilities in dependence of the population-related predictive severity of illnesses we are able to provide you with the information that is important for your future decision-making. With the introduction of the Krankenhausstruktugesetz (KHGS) the litigable quantification of result-quality will move into focus. Through our tools we are able to provide you with the possibility to measure and present result-quality in a litigable manner.

Additional elements of our medical due diligence consulting:

  • Analysis and assessment of quality indicators and security measures
  • Identification and presentation of systematic behavior patterns in the context of medical care provision (Provider Profiling). Goal: The facilitation of quality-oriented policy initiatives
  • Identification of irrelevant behavior- and treatment- patterns (Fraud Detection). Aim: The assessment of treatment with regard to unexplainable variance and indicator values
  • And other