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You can reach us by public transport from the Düsseldorf main station with the U74, U76 or U77 (direction Meerbusch/Krefeld). Please alight at the stop “Comenius-Gymnasium” and walk approx. 5 min. along Ria-Thile-Street, straight through Belsenpark and via Greifweg to the Schanzenstreet.


coming from the direction of Mönchengladbach/Krefeld: Take the Düsseldorf‐Oberkassel exit off the A52 (Düsseldorf direction) at the Kaarst motorway intersection. Follow the road along Düsseldorf street and continue into the Belsen street (moderate left-turn) After approx. 100m please turn left into the Schanzen street.

coming from the direction of Oberhausen/Essen: Follow the A52 to the B1 (Reinufer street) until you reach the Oberkasseler bridge. Keep left when approaching the bridge in order to enter the Lueg-Allee after crossing. At the end of the Lueg-Allee continue (left) into Belsen street. After 50m please turn right into Schanzen street.

coming from the direction of Frankfurt/Köln: Follow the A3 as far as the Hilden motorway intersection. Go on to the A46. Leave the motorway at the Düsseldorf-Bilk exit and turn left at the end of the motorway on to the Südring. After approx. 2 km turn right (direction Messe/Zentrum). In the tunnel keep to the right in the direction of Oberkassel and drive on to the Rheinknie bridge. Leave the bridge to the right and then keep straight on along Düsseldorfer Street until you reach the main junction leading to Belsen street (right). After approx. 100m please turn left into Schanzen street.

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