As service providers, hospitals are interested in the best values possible in the field of process quality and the quality of outomces. For this they invest a considerable amount in the quality of structure and staff qualifications. The challenge faced by these facilities providing in-patient care is often in providing differentiated and efficient services  based on the medical severity of cases.

Thus when treating complex cases, where complications and mortality are to be expected in many cases, it is therefore often only possible to make patient-specific treatment decisions while taking the best possible external evidence into account. In the area of uncomplicated cases, however, the implementation of clinical paths and SOPs can contribute considerably towards overall efficiency and the quality of patient care.

Through the implementation of procedures offered by MEDSTAT S.A. the following can be achieved:

  • Comprehensive risk-adjusted and significance-supported mortality assessments (dependent on department and case severity) 
  • Potentials  in the existing processes compared to regional Best-in Class hospitals can be illustrated  in a risk-adjusted way and quantified according to diagnostic clusters independently of the national remuneration system 
  • Support in procurement procedures where the representation of the current evidence/study situation etc. within the subject has basic significance for the approach the hospital takes to quality policy 
  • The checking of all  remuneration-relevant quality control numbers, improving them through linked EbM input and justifying them  to payers in the case of  miscalculations 
  • Measurable quality of processes and outcomes and measurable improvements related to these can be justified to payers and patents in a transparent way

It must be worthwhile for hospitals to take greater risks in acute care and achieve better treatment outcomes.


EU Quality benchmark

With our MEDSTAT EU quality benchmark we can offer you a great deal of support in the challenges you face.

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With our offer of a risk-adjusted assessment of the customer-specific range of services and the identification of system-relevant patient groups, we support you on your path into the future.

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Laboratory and Diagnostics

In our laboratory projects we develop re-organization concepts together with our customers and support their implementation.

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Medical material costs

With our risk-adjusted material costs management we optimize the use of medical material resources by taking both internal and external evidence into account, and we support the change management by means of risk-adjusted   success controlling (incl. deviation analyses).

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Evidence-based medicine

Our EbM experts make their technical expertise available to you in the form of reports (CATs) and/or individually assessed surveys.

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Not just individual clinical experience should serve as a basis for the design of defined internal hospital treatment courses and care procedures or the use of certain medicines. We will be glad to assist you in this with our process management.

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