Supervising capacities of patient-centered care calls for a maximum consideration of the factor quality. An additional challenge, in the context of resource allocations for better performance in stationary care, is to not primarily focus on procedural interventions, but also to consider the significantly growing patient groups in the area of geriatric medicine and medical care for the aged (e.g. dementia).

The evaluation of hospitals and their risk, in other words their ability to safely treat complex care-risks, is a central problem for insurers. The expertise of MEDSTAT S.A. can provide significant support for scaling the risk assumed by a hospital and it’s successful or not successful controlling.

In this context, main insurers often ask for following services:

  • Risk-adjusted hospital rating with regard to process- and result-quality (also in time-series analysis)
  • Tracer for treatment risks, based on the latest evidence
  • Gap-analysis for the identification of potential risk-reductions

The information provided by MEDSTAT S.A. enables insurers to better intervene in the evaluation and mitigation of treatment risks in the area of ambulant and stationary care, and also to provide hospitals with target-oriented incentives for potential premiums.

Our services


Risk-adjusted outcome evaluation

With our risk-adjusted outcome evaluation we offer the analysis and assessment of clinically relevant endpoints.

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Medical due diligence

With the introduction of the Krankenhausstruktugesetz (KHGS) the litigable quantification of result quality will move into focus. With our Medical Due Diligence assessments we are able to provide you with the possibility to measure and present result quality in a litigable form.

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