Laboratory and diagnostics

In coming years hospitals will face significant new challenges: With the introduction of the Krankenhausstrukturgesetz (KHSG) the continued development of quality based hospital planning, financing and compensation is being promoted. Driven by the need to accommodate changing conditions in the system the demand for efficient and resource-optimizing solutions will also grow in the area of laboratory diagnostics. 

In collaboration with our customers from laboratory projects we develop concepts for reorganization and accompany their implementation. 

Additional elements of our laboratory projects

  • Evaluation of the consumption rate vis-a-vis patient-clusters that are controlled for medical severity in the EU-Benchmark comparison
  • Estimation of potential for parameters in consideration of the predictive medical severity of illness and the involvement of external evidence
  • Verification of the scientific validity in terms of significance of selected parameters (MEDSTAT-Reports, customer specific assessment)
  • Optimization of clinic-specific laboratory profiles
  • Close integration of evidence-based medicine (a.o. admission diagnosis in accordance with guidelines)
  • Evaluation of new diagnostic procedures (latest results of clinical studies, status of admission, etc.)
  • Support in negotiations with product suppliers
  • And other